Fangirl/fanboy struggles

Hey guys!
Recently, I watched Fantastic beasts and where to find them (review coming!) and my friend and me fell deeply in love with Credence (Credence Barebone protection squad!!!) and that reminded me of all the struggles we Fans know and probably can relate to.
You don’t choose to be in a Fandom or to be a Fangirl/Fanboy it just happens 😀


1.Taking every moment in a book or movie serious is one of the perks, we can get lost in stories and flee reality BUT if a beloved character dies or if something really, really bad happens there’s no help for us.
2. The feels can be overwhelming. If that character is just awesome, pretty, asdfghjklskks, not matter what. Well then this is what happens sometimes. Okay a lot.
3. Ever had the situation that everybody around you is judging you because you get way too excited about things? Yeah. Over the moon excitement.
4. Adding to 3. : Ever made a funny reference from a Fandom you’re in and either nobody understands it or is judging you? Oh well.
5. You’re supposed to choose a ship but how is that even possible? HOW? I mean how could you choose between Klaroline, Maroline and Steroline? It’s hard!
Also, ship wars are the worst. So bloody.
6. THE FEELS! In general of course, I mean, why do they have to hurt but at the same time be so wonderful?
7. Social life? What is that? Spending the whole day on twitter, stalking your favourite actors ad actress and watching a ton of interviews is social enough. #stalkingskills
8. Your absolute favourite actor/author or whoever you love doesn’t know you exist. That realization HURTS! Just a little. Sorry.
9. Every Fangirl and Fanboy out there is #teamnosleep. Luckily some of us use concealer 😀
10. The Wifi is down and your best friend calls you because Emma Watson just tweeted something absolutely hilarious and you.just.can’
11.Binge-watching one show after another and totally forgetting that there’s work to do! Damn it!

Can anyone relate to those struggles? What struggles do you know or have to add? Let me know!


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