These broken stars *M. Spooner&A. Kaufman

Hello guys!
Recently, I started reading “These broken stars” and omg! I finished it yesterday and I just need to tell you what I think about it.


Authors   : Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner
Publisher : Disney Hyperion
Pages        : 374
ISBN         : 1423171020
Genre       : Ya, Sci-Fi

Luxury spaceliner Icarus suddenly plummets from hyperspace into the nearest planet. Lilac LaRoux and Tarver Merendsen survive – alone. Lilac is the daughter of the richest man in the universe. Tarver comes from nothing, a cynical war hero. Both journey across the eerie deserted terrain for help. Everything changes when they uncover the truth.


I had really high expectations because everyone was raving about this book.
But it didn’t disappoint me at all even though I had some “struggles” with it.

In the beginning, Lilac is a very spoiled and she seemed everything but grounded. I didn’t like her but throughout the novel you get to see her point of view on all the events that happen in this book and I really learned to like her a lot. The character developement is just insane guys!
So what else? Tarver is awesome, I love him so much and he is my fictional crush… (af).
He is so brave and I just love his personality!
So yeah… He’s one of my several fictional boyfriends 😉 😀
I also like the relationships between those two characters because it wasn’t the typical kind of Insta love even though I thought it would be.
I think it would have been very interesting to see Lilac’s fathers point of view at some points in the book because sometimes I really jus wanted to know what he is thinking and experiencing right now.

The plot was very interesting. Not only that there is drama and love and survival and sci-fi and planets and action but also that there is so many interesting to discover in this book.
You could think that there are hundreds of this kind of books in the universe but “these broken stars” really is something special!
The whole atmosphere in this book is so different to everything I read before and even if there was a calmer part in this book, it still was interesting because… new planet and mysterious things that are happening ?? 😀
And oh my lord, I was really, really confused sometimes ( in a good way) because there were SO many plot twists! I love plot twists.
I’m actually pretty good in predicting something in a book but this time everything happened so unpredictable, I really loved that!

The writing is just spectacular! I couldn’t tell who wrote what and the atmosphere in general was so gripping!
So yeah, can’t criticise, so I just stop here. 🙂






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