Spoiler in Synopsis

Hello fellow booknerds!
Today, I want to talk about a topic that is kind of serious for booklovers like us.. Like really serious business okay, I’m not kidding.

Okay, so I got spoiled several times since I got into reading but the worst spoiler ever.. EVER I was confronted with was the spoiler of the final book ALLEGIANT… Yes.
In the past few weeks, I noticed that there are also a lot of spoilers in book or movie reviews.
I mean as long as you mark spoilers somewhere (just somewhere in the review or whatever), I think it’s all fine but there are soooo many booktubers and bloggers out there that don’t look after things like that and poor people like me get spoiled on life important things like… Idk… important plot twists or something 😀

Just recently someone on Instagram spoiled someone on the Legend trilogy… JUST LIKE THAT. As if no one else is reading this, who hasn’t read the books either. If you are reading this: are you happy now? And those people do this on purpose!

Okay, I have some spoilers on my German blog,too BUT the difference is: I mark them early enough 😀 But there are people who apparently don’t care about others, who haven’t read the current book yet.And they don’t care.
Sure, if you are talking about book 3,4,5,6 of a series, it’s always difficult to not spoil anything.

So, how do you guys handle this whole spoiling thing?
Do you write a warning/disclaimer before you start with the actual review or whatever? Or do you just mark the spoiler somehow?

And of course : We are all humans 🙂 Sometimes, we get too excited and accidently spoil someone but as long as it’s not on purpose, it’s okay.

And what do you think about something like a book discussion section & a review section? For example, the reviews could be mostly spoiler free or marked before and the book discussions are real discussions for people, who already read the book.

Hope you are having a great day/night!! (We have 10:19pm here)






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