How I became a Fangirl

Aloha guys!
So today I have another topic than books.Well it’s related to books because fandoms not only exist for bands or TV shows. Fandoms exist actually everywhere, they exist for certain books, or youtubers or movies.
I also became part of many (too many?) fandoms and turned more and more into a giant monster of fangirl feels. Okay that>’s maybe a bit exaggerated but I became a fangirl as others before me. Before I even knew something like that existed.

My story
Well, everything began when I was innocent and had no idea what actually happened but the first “act” as a fangirl was when I started to ship Hermione and Ron. Yes, and I was like 11 😀 However, I had no idea of fandoms and stuff but that was the first time I did something fangirl-ish.
I became aware of all the fandom stuff when I first entered the world of the Hunger Games. I read the books when I was 13 and almost immediately started fangirling about Katniss and Peeta and of course about the gorgeous actors and actresses. I just couldn’t stop. I would watch videos about them, interviews, and even read some of the fanfiction that I found. But before you start judging! It was just cute and nice fanfiction, nothing “special” as some people like to call certain fanfictions. Erotic stories were never my cup of tea.
However, I found a girl in my school that was (and still is) just as crazy about fandoms and fangirling than me! And I love it! Let’s be honest : fangirling together is way better than fangirling alone.
We would discuss everything  literally 24/7 (thanks to the internet) we always had to talk about something.
At some point we found another fandom and that was the 5sos fandom. And believe me guys! It’s not easy to be a fangirl of a band especially if you ship to of the members (what we obviously did and still do :D). Well yes a lot of stuff to analyse and discuss. What is life, right?

I was totally into all this stuff, it’s just sooo funny to talk about everything and about all the feels that are just overwhelming and you just need to share it with someone!
While I was fangirling about the Hunger Games and 5sos, I also discovered other fandoms of books, for example the Throne of Glass fandom, the Lux-Series Fandom and also the shadowhunter fandom.
You can tell, there was loads of stuff in my mind haha.
Reading fanfiction, watching interviews and discussing about ships and innuendos and everything else that belongs to the fangirl life is hard work!

This friend also got me into the Phandom, yes Phandom. Dan&Phildom or however you can describe it. Those two youtubers have a lot (really a lot) of fangirls and fanboys out there. Totally understandable, of course. They are just amazing and really hilarious.
And the circle began again!

So, fangirling and being in a lot of fandoms (those are just a few btw) is really exhausting sometimes. 😀
I was awake the whole night so often just because I would watch tons of videos or exchange funny pics with my friend or read fanfiction or get a fangirl-attack (not funny guys-not funny).
So yeah. Are you a fangirl? I don’t know how to describe it properly but I hope you get an idea 😀 Well at least if you are not in any fandom.
I learned a lot of fandom terminology and I can perfectly discuss about ships, pics and feels and (fangirl problems).
It’s a dangerous circle guys! really dangerous! And there are also a lot more obsessive fangirls out there, that do reaaaally crazy stuff! Really obsessively crazy.

To fangirl is to destroy. Okay just kidding.
Book fandoms are always easier for me because I know they are not real and I don’t have to be afraid to meet them at some point. But it’s still so exciting to share the thrill with somebody and be excited about the stuff that happens in a book, to cry and suffer and to laugh with the characters. 🙂


One thought on “How I became a Fangirl

  1. Fun post! I can’t remember when I became a vocal fangirl, but I think I’ve always been into pop culture since I was younger – just back then it was anime and manga, and now it’s all about TV and books haha.


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